to greet

пешвоз гирифтан: to greet, to welcome

Як марди қадбаланд моро бо хурсандӣ пешвоз гирифт.
A tall man welcomed us with joy.
Меҳмонро бо чеҳраи хандон ва дили кушод пешвоз гиред.
Greet the guest with a happy face and an open heart.

Synonym: истиқбол кардан
Opposite: гусел кардан (to see off)

пешвозгиранда: greeter, the one who welcomes the guests

In Tajikistan receiving guests well is an important part of the culture. Tajiks are меҳмондӯст (guest-loving), and this is easily observable by visiting in their homes.

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