пиёз: onion

Бисёр таомҳои тоҷикиро бо пиёз мепазанд.
Many Tajik dishes are cooked with onions.
Аввал гӯшт, пиёз, сабзиро бирён мекунанд.
First fry the meat, onions and carrots.

Notice that both of today’s sentences are written in the third person plural, but not translated into English that way.
Sentence #1: In Tajik the passive tense is not used as much as in English. The third person plural is usually used instead.
Sentence #2: In Tajik recipes are usually written in the third person plural, whereas in English they are usually written in the imperative.

пиёзи сабз: green onions
пиёзи ансул (or пиези анзур): Persian shallot

Short article about onions from the Tiroz website: Оё медонед ки пиёз қариб 500 намуд дорад (Did you know that there are nearly 500 types of onions).

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